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Hey Texas you found it! This is where you can purchase the popular Flexas design! Did you dream of having a Texas T-shirt that can somehow showcase your physique? Maybe you have a burning desire to show off those muscles in the gym in our custom Flexas stringer?! Wait you might say, what if it’s cold outside? Worry not for there are Flexas hoodies at your disposal. Wait you might say, again, what if it’s hot outside and I am a beautiful lady? The Flexas crop top will take care of that. With the wild Texas weather it may not be hot or cold, what then? Our Flexas 3/4 sleeve Baseball-T will keep you stylishly comfortable. The Flexas design is simple. It is the state of Texas flexing and that’s why you love it! Go show off and make those other states jealous with your amazing shirt!

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Quality Workout Clothes & gEAR fOR aTHLETES

Our shirts are made to last as long as they are able. Most of our T-Shirts are made with 50/50 (50% polyester/ 50% cotton) material that gives you a nice fitted look. Our shirts and hoodies are so comfortable and well fitted that people also use them as street wear often and not just in the gym.  We use high quality textiles and screen printing to make our shirts. I have to say it was great pain in the butt in terms of time and finances to find a good printer and good manufacturer that I could trust to deliver a legitimate product consistently over time. We recently found a manufacturer to customize our workout stringers and in time we will have our other products customized in that fashion too. Currently, especially for new clothing brands starting out, we buy blank shirts in which we have no say in how they are cut or measured (it took ordering many samples and trying many brands before I found one that was worth investing in) and then send those to our volume printer who prints exclusively for businesses. Our goal by the end of 2022 is to have our whole catalog filled with custom made fitness apparel and to expand on the variety of our women’s fitness apparel. Here is what Iron Blood currently offers:

  • Stringers
  • T-shirts
  • Hoodies
  • Crop tops
  • ¾ Sleeve Baseball-T

Effective Workout Supplements

Fitness apparel is not the only thing we sell. We also have the glorious Spartan Wrath Pre-workout that will take you training to the next level! I have spent years perfecting this formula for myself by trial and error. I spent many hours researching what was good and what wasn’t. After compiling a list of what I thought was good I began to order these compounds one by one and testing them myself. I discovered there’s a lot of supplement out there that do not work and there was nothing in the market I really liked that I could recommend to others. What did work I combined together and tweaked it here and there to get the best pre-workout that I could make to my standards. After all I wanted a pre-workout powder that I could consume for my own training goals. Many businesses only care for profits and sacrifice quality and/or stick to an overused weak formula for bigger margins. What is the point in creating a dietary supplement that I didn’t enjoy? Is the Spartan Wrath Pre-Workout the best version of it that I could make right now? Yes but it is not the best version that will ever be. Why? New dietary supplements are constantly entering the market and some will be better than what have now! I keep up to date on these and I constantly test them. If something is better I update the formula, so the Spartan Wrath Pre-Workout will only be getting better with time! Very few businesses do this. Iron Blood is one of those.

We currently only have Pre-Workout powder in our dietary supplements catalog. We plan on offering the whole array of workout supplements including protein powder, amino acids, creatine, and sleep support. Each supplement will have the same great quality and meticulous attention to detail that the Spartan Wrath Pre-Workout powder has!


Iron Blood is a premium brand that attempts to capture the visceral ferocity, unwavering courage, and conscious grit that is the way of the warrior. If there is a certain madness in you, this is the place for you. Iron Blood is also more than that (in a business sense). It fills a hole in a saturated market. The fitness industry is full of gym apparel, but it is all the same. What you continuously find is form fitted clothing with simple logos or phrases. Iron Blood desires more than that and showcases actual graphic art on form fitted clothing that captures the gym culture. Iron Blood has currently been in business since 2015 with consistent additions to designs and styles for men and women. Since the businesses’ inception, Iron Blood has had its ups and downs, as is the case with most businesses and life in general, but one thing will forever remain constant. We are here to stay without regard to how much innovation or perseverance is required.

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Future of Iron Blood Beyond Workout Clothes

Iron Blood currently offers shirts, hoodies, stringers, crop tops, and pre-workout. Will that be it? Will there be more in the future? That is an excellent question little voice in my head! In time, Iron Blood will have joggers, shorts, and leggings in the apparel department. Bottoms are more expensive to make and harder to find manufacturers for, but they are something Iron Blood will offer to stay competitive (and because I want some for myself). If you have read up to this point you can recall we mentioned we will be offering a complete supplement line in the future too. That means protein powder, amino acids, creatine, and sleep support are on the far horizon for us. So you will offer a full gym clothing and gym supplement line?! I want more!! You are in luck because here is where things get interesting. Within the next 2 years Iron Blood will open its own production studio for films and media shorts. Yes you read that correctly. I am in the process of entering the acting sphere and creating our own comedy and drama for your viewing pleasure. In fact we already have sword fights and knife fights uploaded to our YouTube channel. That would be a good rough idea of things to come! On an end note I have thought of getting into the food industry and making some diet foods you can buy in the supermarket but this is over a decade down the line. To recap here is what Iron Blood will offer in the future:

  • Joggers
  • Shorts
  • Leggings
  • Protein
  • Amino Acids
  • Creatine
  • Sleep support

Thank you for your support and I hope you enjoy or products!